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No Signal Sleeve M - 100% Signal and Radiation Free Phone Case

No Signal Sleeve M - 100% Signal and Radiation Free Phone Case

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This cellphone case provides total shielding, thanks to its Faraday cage design. It effectively blocks GPS, Wi-Fi, RFID, NFC, 3G, 4G, 5G and Bluetooth signals to keep your smartphone protected from radiation, surveillance, and distraction. It fits all smartphones!

Did you know that in any smartphone fineprint, there is a warning advising users to maintain a safe distance of at least 5 mm? However, adhering to this recommendation can be challenging in everyday scenarios. In such cases, the TOCA No Signal Sleeve offers a valuable solution. By utilizing its Faraday cage technology, the sleeve blocks all wireless signals, ensuring privacy, security, and protection against tracking or hacking attempts. It effectively reduces electromagnetic radiation exposure, mitigating potential health risks associated with prolonged phone usage, providing a safer alternative when the recommended distance is not achievable.


Put the device(s) inside the sleeve and close it like a dry bag with a two-time folding system. ​It is now sealed​ inside the ​Faraday cage. Which is activated by the inner ​layer - a high-tech mesh of conductive material manufactured in​ ​Germany. The closing system and the outer material make it also water-resistant.

Once the device(s) are inside the sleeve, all its signals (including calls and messages) are blocked...But the alarm clock still works!

You won´t miss anything! When taking the phone out of the sleeve, the device will receive all the messages and missed call notifications.

When not in use the sleeve can be rolled up and reduced to the size of a key chain. It can be easily carried around and just applied when needed.



  • 100% radiation-free & bug proof (security)
  • The inner layer is created from a certified German-made mesh of conductive material that blocks all signals
  • Laboratory tested and testet by DEKRA Europe. test report no. 73153RNF.001 from 2022-12-05
  • The outer layer is made of water-resistant parachute silk
  • It is compact, practical and fairly produced in our in-house factory.
  • Waste Free - made from upcycled parachute material
  • Technical Data ’No Signal Sleeve'


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